Archive for digital patient files

Fast, hungry and simply powerful.

TIGER|APP is a digital archiving system for clinics and hospitals. Optimise your internal workflow and personnel resources while considerably reducing you archiving costs. TA Triumph-Adler also guarantees absolute legal security in the storage of sensitive patient data.

TIGER|APP – the way through the document jungle


A maze of patient files, impenetrable, incomprehensible filing systems, and the continuously growing threat of even more documents.... Does that sound familiar? Then you don’t know about TIGER|APP yet.

With TIGER|APP, TA Triumph-Adler offers clinics and hospitals a unique package solution: powerful hardware and archiving software with special functions that enable the legally secure archiving of documents and other data.
For you that means: a digital archive that is immediately operational and provides all functions in a single appliance.

So you think we’re just crying wolf, do you? Let us prove to you that TIGER|APP has some real teeth.

Who we are, what we do and how we would like to help you too.

TA Triumph-Adler has been a symbol of quality for 113 years.
As the market leader in the document business in Germany and increasingly internationally as well, we set the standard for analysis and consulting, both in the products we offer and in the follow-up service we provide.
We advise our customers individually, implement efficient document workflow both in paper and in electronic form, and deliver effective service.
TA Triumph-Adler concepts and solutions are the first choice for optimising processes and whenever professional users manage, print, photocopy, fax, present or archive documents.

Focus on healthcare.

Some 700 clinics, hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes in Germany already rely on our TOM (Total Output Management) service concept. Our prescription for your document business is just what the doctor ordered. We use it to help you manage your work processes more efficiently, and therefore more cost-effectively. And that leaves you more time for your patients.
In order to provide a consistent approach, we now offer - as a complement to TOM for your paper-based document workflow - the new TIGER|APP, an additional electronic archiving solution for the management of your patient files.

Get ready to take the leap - we look forward to discussing the details with you in person.




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