Our service: Perfect support

At TA Triumph-Adler, service is more than just repairing equipment. James is a perfect all-round support offering for our customers. We’re there for you at all times, quickly and without red tape – throughout Germany.

Our service is your convenience

James brings you your new hardware and sets it up, installs your software and configures your existing systems. James disposes of any packaging immediately.
And everything else is taken care of for you after that, too. We deliver paper, toner and all other consumables right to your premises – what could be more convenient?

Your trump card: Our speed

We don’t leave you hanging in the queue. Ninety-eight percent of all calls are taken immediately. We typically identify the optimum approach for resolving your problem within 140 seconds.

All spare parts are on stock. We can provide them to you immediately whenever necessary. Our James system supporters are then there for you quickly. We generally arrive at your door to solve your problem by the next day.

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Your benefits:
  • Immediate scheduling of an appointment during the initial telephone contact
  • Short response times
  • Service process transparency
  • Customised to meet your specific requirements
  • Next-day delivery
  • Smooth service processing
  • Comprehensive service workflow monitoring

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Ms. Tanja Ebers
+49 385 - 617126 - 455

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