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Please note that this service is only available during our business hours subject to prior arrangement by telephone with our support staff.

  • This connection will be established via secure Internet servers with 128-bit encryption.
  • The advisor cannot access your PC without your express consent.
  • The advisor cannot collaborate with you without your express consent.
  • No third-party programs will be installed on your PC.
  • It is not possible for data to be removed from your PC unnoticed and without authorisation.
  • You can end the shared session at any time.

TA accepts no liability for faults for which it is not responsible, even if they occur around the time when the support is provided. The entire session will be recorded for quality control purposes.

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User Agreement for Remote Maintenance with the "Netviewer" Software


The customer is a user of document workflow hardware and software solutions or wishes to use such solutions with his computer or install and use them in his network.
In addition to the existing range of services, TA Triumph-Adler Norddeutschland GmbH (TA) uses the "Netviewer“ remote maintenance software to provide customers with advice and support for the installation/migration of these hardware and software solutions and for the analysis and rectification of faults, as well as suitable measures aimed at preventing disruption.
The customer can grant a TA advisor read access only to the data on his computer/network or allow the advisor to remotely control the computer/network, including the modification of data.

This said, the parties hereby conclude the following agreement:

§ 1 Service and Payment
The installation/migration, consulting and service provided using the "Netviewer“ software generally refers to the hardware and software solutions provided by TA. These services are provided on the basis of a customer order and are additional services, which must be paid for separately by the customer.

§ 2 Service Hours
The aforementioned services are generally provided by TA from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday, and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m on Friday.

§ 3 Security/Data Protection
To prove his/her authenticity, the customer is obliged to enter a special session number when connecting to the service. This number will be provided to the customer by TA on request. Communication via the Internet between the two parties will only be established after this number has been entered correctly. Data transfer will be encrypted. The session number is only valid for one session. "Netviewer“ creates a complete recording of the session for documentation purposes.

(b) All access required for maintenance activity will be logged on the customer’s system. Logging must not be disabled.

(c) The customer will inform TA immediately upon the discovery of any errors or irregularities that occurred during remote maintenance or that would allow access by unauthorised persons.

(d) TA is obliged to treat all knowledge of business secrets and data security measures acquired within the framework of the contractual relationship as confidential and must not disclose this knowledge to third parties under any circumstances.

(e) The customer will be responsible for ensuring the availability of a current data backup in a suitable format and for guaranteeing that lost data is restored promptly and cost-effectively.

§ 4 Liability
TA will be liable for the payment of damages, on whatever legal ground, as follows:
aa) In full in cases of intent and the absence of object characteristics that have been guaranteed by TA
bb) In cases of gross negligence and failure to comply with a basic obligation, whereby the purpose of the contract is jeopardized as a result of the failure to comply with this basic obligation, TA will be liable only for the amount of foreseeable damage that is preventable through the duty to take due care
cc) An amount greater than the damages stipulated under bb) if TA is insured against the occurred damage, within the scope of the 
insurance cover and subject to the condition precedent with the insurance settlement.
dd) Statutory liability in the case of personal injury and according to the Product Liability Act in Germany as well as the defence of contributory negligence will remain unaffected.
ee) Liability is limited to direct damage. TA will not pay compensation for consequential damages, in particular for damages due to interruption of business or lost profit. This will not apply in relation to such damages that are due to the absence of object characteristics guaranteed by TA, which are intended to prevent the losses incurred.
ff) The customer must inform TA in the case of a particular customer risk, which is unknowable for TA. The customer is obliged to insure himself/herself against this particular risk and to provide proof of this insurance to TA.

(b) TA will not be liable for defects due to the customer not being in compliance with the conditions of use of the software licence. The customer must inform TA immediately should any defects occur. The customer will make every reasonable attempt to implement the necessary measures to identify and document faults.

(c) TA will not be liable for defects that occur after customer modifications/updates of the operating or network system or as a result of the customer modifying the hardware configuration.

(d) Furthermore, TA will not be liable for any damage or defects in the customer’s computer or network system as a result of using the "Netviewer“ software.

§ 5 Conclusion of the Contract
In establishing the Internet connection between the customer and the computer of a TA advisor, the customer acknowledges the aforementioned Terms and Conditions for remote maintenance with "Netviewer“.

§ 6 Place of Performance and Jurisdiction
The place of performance and jurisdiction shall, where permitted by law, be Bremen. German law shall apply.

§ 7 General Terms and Conditions
It is hereby expressly stated that the General Terms and Conditions of the leasing, rental and/or service agreement entered into for the provision and/or maintenance of hardware and software solutions together with the specifications are part of this contract and of the entire business relationship.