Service & Support

James is the unique service management system from Triumph-Adler.

Unser%20JAMES%20Service:%20Perfekte%20Betreuung.%20Einfach%20für%20Sie%20da.Just call us and we'll be there for you, just like a dependable butler. We provide help quickly and without any red tape, saving you time, money and stress.

There's a lot more to our service than just repairs. Our aim is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, but how? Service is our passion. We aim to have the right service employee at the right location with the right replacement parts in the shortest possible time.

Here's why James is so unique:

    • James is flexible: James understands the different customer requirements that exist and
      offers customised service packages.
    • James is accessible: 98% of all calls are answered immediately by our trained and competent service employees.
    • James is fast: We typically identify the optimum approach for resolving your problem
      within 140 seconds.
      We can generally reach any on-site location in Germany by the next day.
    • James has experience: James service employees have many years of professional experience
      and handle 22,000 service orders every month on average.
    • James is reliable: 320 system supporters are on hand to deliver replacement and wear parts throughout Germany.
    • James is professional: James is part of the TA Triumph-Adler organisation.
      He is familiar with the latest solutions in digital document management.
      James is always up-to-date with developments in technology.