What do we mean by document business?

The entire document workflow in your company – in both paper and data form.

Every process begins with a document. Therefore if you want to optimise processes, you need to control the management of documents (= information) - TA Triumph-Adler is the specialist for customised solutions in this sector.

With an optimised document business you benefit threefold

How do we do it? It’s quite simple:

We uncover the hidden cost drivers in your document business. You may think that the amounts involved are small, and at first glance this appears to be the case. However, when you add up these amounts and end up with a five- or six-digit figure, the situation suddenly looks very different.

It’s all about the benefits to you.

1 x TA Triumph-Adler = 3 x benefits

  • Benefit for you: Analysis
    We analyse the current status of your document business. Our detailed and accurate analysis provides a solid foundation for making key decisions.
  • Benefit for you: Implementation
    We create a concept for optimising your document business. If required, we will buy your old systems from you at their book value and provide you with new systems.

    And best of all: Optimisation does not involve major changes to your IT or disruption of your workflows. “Optimised“ means: More efficient. Simpler. Faster. 
  • Benefit for you: Savings
    With our solution concepts you save an average of 15% on your paper-based documentation costs and a multiple of your digital documentation costs. We refer to this as multiplying the benefits.

Your advantages
  • No investment = greater flexibility
  • Minimal expenditure = lower costs
  • State-of-the-art technological solution = user-optimised
  • No tying up capital = you pay by the page


We optimise your document business

We develop a customised solution for your document business. This ensures reduced costs, more efficient and reliable processes and more time for your core business