What we do, and how you benefit from this.

TA Triumph-Adler is a German company with a long and rich past – a company that was able to successfully make the transition from typewriters into the digital age. The company is synonymous with innovation and intelligent concepts for the workplace of the future. TA Triumph-Adler offers advanced products that enable companies to manage their documents and information automatically and remain competitive.

TA Triumph-Adler: Facts and figures

  • 31 regional offices across Germany
  • 50 locations worldwide
  • Powerful parent company: High-performance hardware from Kyocera
  • 1,200+ employees
  • 400 consultants
  • 500 service technicians
  • 22% market share in Germany*

*Output systems sold in 2018 in the B2B segment (combined total for TA Triumph-Adler, UTAX, Kyocera), source: International Data Corporation (IDC)

Unternehmen und Arbeit

Your business runs more smoothly with TA Triumph-Adler.

TA Triumph-Adler GmbH is the German document business expert. With more than 115 years of history, it is one of the most traditional brands in the ICT sector. Today we develop and deliver comprehensive managed document services (MDS) that cover the entire document handling process. The aim is to support the ongoing trend towards networking and mobilisation of office work.

Our services include the individual analysis and advice of business customers, as well as the implementation of an IT-based document workflow and the continuous process optimisation using an asset and system management solution.

For whenever professional users digitise, print, copy, scan or archive documents, or need to optimise processes, TA Triumph-Adler concepts and solutions are the first choice. That’s because we set the standard in Germany and beyond in terms of the quality of our analytics, consulting and follow-up service.

With annually new product lines and our comprehensive range of solutions we are able to offer our customers and partners customised support in digitising their business models and meet their individual needs in the process.

Unternehmen Zeitreise

You can always rely on our service support.

In focus of our operations is the increase in efficiency among our customers. You will receive personal support from our document consultants and key account managers working at 35 locations in Germany. Our UTAX brand is distributed exclusively via certified partners and distributors outside of Germany.

Our service organisation in Germany has a special role: over 400 in-house system supporters and logistics specialists manage more than 220,000 systems. We offer fast, reliable 24/7 support and are closer to our customers than our competitors – all this made possible by our unique, full-coverage service concept.