Safe handling of chemicals: REACH of course!

Care is required when it comes to chemicals. The European Chemicals Regulation REACH places many obligations on companies to comply with legislation. "REACH is based on the principle that manufacturers, importers and downstream users take responsibility for their chemicals: they must ensure that the chemicals they manufacture and place on the market are used safely," it says on the REACH website. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH regulates the registration, evaluation, restriction and authorisation of chemicals and therefore creates the necessary transparency.

For TA Triumph-Adler, this means that our machines meet the REACH standards applicable at the time of production and do not contain any substances that are classified as hazardous under REACH at that time. Accordingly, we pre-register or register all relevant substances and preparations for our products on the basis of the information available to us.

For the environment: The be-all and end-all is RoHS

We keep the amount of environmentally hazardous substances in our devices as small as possible. We have been implementing this for many years for all devices which we introduce to the market. We therefore comply with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and the Ordinance on Materials for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Elektro- und Elektronikgeräte-Stoffverordnung). Proof is provided by the CE marking and the document of RoHS conformity. Click here to download.

Toner: Precautions for disposal

For environmentally friendly disposal, we offer our customers our own toner take-back system, so that they don't have to make any arrangements for its disposal. Furthermore, all toner types are matched to the specific requirements of our systems – so that their proper use is completely harmless. Original toner is neither toxic nor carcinogenic, i.e. if used properly it is harmless. This has been tested in the necessary test procedures by recognised laboratories by means of the so-called AMES test procedure. The results are recorded in the corresponding safety data sheets.

Some of our copying, printing and faxing systems have a closed toner system that avoids any direct contact with the toner.

Toner lock: Some of our systems also have a device that prevents users from replacing toner cartridges although they are not yet completely empty.