Offering help and support since 1996.

The objective of our Triumph für Kinder’ foundation is to support as many children experiencing hardship as possible and to provide them with positive experiences, thereby achieving small ‘triumphs’. TA Triumph-Adler is pleased to take on responsibility and has therefore supported disadvantaged children and their families through its foundation since 1996.

The alarming results regarding the situation of children in Germany laid out in the ‘Children's Report. Germany 2007’, published by the Children's Charity of Germany and the ‘1st World Vision Children’s Study’ gave us the impetus to expand the foundation’s activities and fully devote ourselves to combatting childhood poverty.

Children who lack access to a quality education can be expected to live a life of poverty in their adult years. Our foundation will therefore be increasing its focus on early childhood education as part of its long-term strategy.

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On-site support for problems both big and small.

Educational partnerships in Nuremberg:
We support a project in our home city of Nuremberg, involving tutors who draw on their knowledge and skills and spend their leisure time assisting children who grow up in an environment that fails to provide for their educational needs. This is all designed to open up greater educational and professional opportunities for migrant children, children from low-income neighbourhoods and children in special education centres.

Partnership with ‘Family Alliance’:
Established in 2001, we support this Nuremburg-based initiative as part of a long-term collaboration. The initiative revolves around family centres, which function as day-care facilities that provide schooling and guidance to children, with a special focus on early childhood education.

Partnership with ‘Child Poverty Work Programme’:
This is an initiative of the city of Nuremberg aimed at providing children from low-income families with access to education, sports and activities to improve their health so they can become active in society.

Facts and information – TA foundation ‘Triumph für Kinder’

Date of establishment
The foundation was founded in 1996 by the former Chairman Dr Raimund König under the name ‘Kinder in Not’ to mark the 100-year company anniversary of Triumph-Adler AG. 

In June 2009 the foundation was renamed ‘Triumph für Kinder’.

‘Triumph für Kinder’ is an incorporated foundation under civil law, with its headquarter in 90449 Nuremberg.

Provide long-term sponsorship and support for disadvantaged children and their families, with a focus on early childhood education.

Promote education and break the cycle of poverty
Combat childhood poverty in Germany

Executive board
Dr Ulrich Maly
Lord Mayor of Nuremberg
Chairman of the Triumph-Adler foundation ‘Triumph für Kinder’

Edmund Lechner
Assistant Chairperson of the
‘Triumph für Kinder’ foundation

Ludwig Scharnagl
General secretary of the
Triumph-Adler foundation ‘Triumph für Kinder’

Press contact
Maike Zumbrägel
Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications
TA Triumph-Adler GmbH
Tel.: (+49-40) 528-490

Contact for donation
Ludwig Scharnagl
Triumph-Adler foundation ‘Triumph für Kinder’
Tel.: (+49-911) 6898-135

Supervisory agency for foundation
The foundation is subject to the supervision of the Central Franconian authorities.

Tax status
The foundation is registered with the Central Nuremberg inland revenue office as a not-for-profit, charitable organisation under tax number 241/111/01112.

Official address
Triumph-Adler foundation ‘Triumph für Kinder’
Südwestpark 23
90449 Nuremberg, Germany
Tel.: (+49-911) 6898-135

Account information
Triumph-Adler foundation ‘Triumph für Kinder’
IBAN: DE12 7604 0061 0526 0500 00
Commerzbank AG Nuremberg