Important Safety Warning regarding Paper Feeder (PF-410)

Important Safety Warning regarding Paper Feeder (PF-410)

Free inspection and maintenance for the optional Paper Feeder (PF-410) attached to DC 2016, DC 2116, DC 2120, DC 2125 and DC 2216 (A3 Monochrome Copier). 

Thank you very much for using our Triumph-Adler products. As you know, TA Triumph-Adler GmbH prides itself on providing high quality and reliable products.

In an extremely rare case, we have found the possibility of overheating (resulting in smoke or fire) from the optional 250-sheet paper feeder PF-410 (hereafter referred to as paper feeder), production of which was discontinued in 2010. However, no incident has been reported, involving a system of the brand Triumph-Adler. 

In order for you to be able to use the product safely, we will conduct an inspection and maintenance procedure on the paper feeder PF-410 free of charge. We sincerely apologise for any concern or inconvenience caused.

We kindly ask all customers who are using the PF-410 paper feeder to contact TA Triumph-Adler GmbH or the dealership that they purchased the product from as soon as possible.

Potential Failures and Solutions


Phenomenon: Due to contact failure from breakage or deformation of the connector that connects the paper feeder to the main unit, possibly caused when moving the copier, abnormal heat might be generated on a part of the control board in an extremely rare case, and it might lead to smoke or fire.

Damage and deformation of the connector might occur when the paper feeder is reattached to the main unit after moving the copier or the like, and it does not occur during normal use.

Solution: UTAX Service Technician will attach the countermeasure parts to the applicable point. Estimated work time: 5-10 minutes/unit.

Product Name: PF-410

Serial Number: AHZ3 000001 to AHZ3 322326