Working together to find an individual solution for you.

Every company will have to take the leap and make the digital transformation. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions; the challenges vary too widely. This has to do with the structures that have developed over time, frequently across multiple locations, and with the fact that several departments are in charge of purchasing hardware, software and consumables. TA Triumph-Adler partners with you to help create the transparency you need. This includes carrying out a detailed process analysis to locate the right solution that allows you to minimise costs and maximise efficiency.

Three questions for Markus Notz

Question: Why do companies need to focus on their document and information processes?

Answer: The digital transformation begins by analysing paper-based processes, especially at small to medium-sized businesses. Technological changes are demanding much greater flexibility. This has a direct impact on everyday business and the accompanying processes involved. Optimisation allows for significant savings in terms of time and money. 

Question: Where is the greatest amount of potential to be found?

Answer: This would be in the accounting, legal and logistics departments, where there is significant potential. This is the result of the processes in those departments having developed over a long period of time. It is important to consider the infrastructure of the output systems as well as its integration into the company IT, which can also impact the success of the business.

Question: What are the results delivered in a TA Triumph-Adler analysis?

Answer: The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of a process and identify weak points and the potential for improvement. TA Triumph-Adler always takes a holistic approach that identifies the specific requirements of the individual customer. In short, the customer benefits on a strategic level from having standardised processes, from generating cost and synergy effects, from acquiring resources for new activities within the scope of digitisation and from reducing employees’ workloads. On an operational level, this involves close, simplified monitoring of printer and copier hardware, along with increased availability and an appropriate level of data security.

„We help each of our customers maximise their efficiency.“

Markus Notz, Head of Project Management & Analysis

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„Selective automation makes company processes more mobile, faster and more intuitive.“

Markus Notz, Head of Project Management & Analysis