What role will digitisation play at my company in 5 years?

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Having a digital agenda is essential today in order to remain competitive as a company in the future. There are major opportunities as well as a number of risks that need to be considered. We develop customised document, information, and IT solutions that ensure your company is optimally positioned for the digital age.

In many ways, we take a look at the bigger picture for you in terms of human resources and workplace design during this exciting journey. A key question to ask here is what employees will need in the future. The digital lifestyle is a firmly established part of modern society. With that in mind, what will the workplace of the future look like? One thing is certain: Employees are demanding more and more in terms of mobility and flexibility. But we wanted to dive deeper into the subject and therefore teamed up with the market research and consulting firm IDC to launch a study on the topic that produced a lot of interesting insights. Another IDC study in the area is entitled ‘Future Business World 2025 – How digitalisation is changing the world of work’.

As you can see, we keep a firm eye on the future for you. For CEOs and managing directors like you, it makes sense to look at the successful models of tomorrow for inspiration. That’s why we go right to source of such models, that being the vibrant start-up scene. TA Triumph-Adler is looking to do much more than simply adapt its business model to the digital world. We are looking to present you with truly state-of-the-art solutions. Collaborating with the start-up scene is therefore the logical next step for us. 

As a decision maker, you have a long list of items on the agenda in order to ensure the digital transformation is a success at your company. Planned changes often affect more than one department frequently located at multiple locations. This makes it even more important to maintain a clear focus. That’s why we’ve added the section ‘In Focus’, where you will find detailed information on special topics professionally curated by our team. 

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We develop customised document, information and IT solutions that ensure your company is optimally positioned for the digital age.

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