Digital industry solutions tailored to meet your needs

Being able to efficiently handle documents and information is increasingly becoming a critical competitive advantage. The advance of digitisation opens up a bevy of opportunities and will also hasten the pace of innovation. This trend will also impose higher standards in terms of security across all sectors. Digital solutions are required to meet this challenge.

Your industry-specific introduction to process and system optimisation.

The MDS analysis we carry out at TA Triumph-Adler includes an in-depth evaluation and full optimisation of your processes for digital and printed documents. What customers receive is a customised solution concept that delivers greater transparency and efficiency and generates savings in terms of time and cost. 

Over 20,000 companies from a range of industries are now customers.

Your main benefits

  • Reduction in costs associated with managing and supplying your output systems
  • Greater transparency regarding your workflows
  • Reduction in costs and demand on resources
  • Professional managed services deliver added value for your core operations

Sectors in which we have carried out over 2,000 analysis

  • Not-for-profits
  • Hospitals and social service organisations
  • Law firms and partnerships
  • Logistics and transport
  • Car dealerships and automotive suppliers
  • Manufacturers and industrial enterprises 
  • Utilities
  • Retailers and wholesalers
  • Food and non-food
  • Insurance companies
  • Technology and media companies

TAilormade Solutions: Enter the digital age with us.

Finding the right solutions requires that you know where the problems are. That’s why we listen closely and focus fully on the specific challenges faced in your industry. Massive data volumes, rising pressure to lower costs and increasing demands in terms of data protection and mobility are all making the situation that much more difficult. Add to that, legal regulations regarding digitisation are forcing companies to take action.

Work with us and successfully meet the challenges. We will develop customised process solutions that allow you to overcome challenges in your industry. We offer only TAilormade Solutions, no off-the-shelf products. As well as being extremely well acquainted with the healthcare, public and industrial sectors, we also have extensive knowledge in other fields that is drawn on in developing our dynamic services and products.

Office shelves

We also develop TAilormade Solutions for the public sector. These include solutions for document digitisation, process automation, green IT and recycling, energy management for MFP systems and data security.

eHealth: Digitalisierung im Gesundheitswesen

We develop industry solutions for our customers in the healthcare sector used in the digitisation of patient files, access rights management, secure printing, efficient wound documentation, energy management for MFPs and much more.


We develop solutions for digitising process files and client records, for end-to-end data security and for mobile documents and information for the legal sector.

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