TA Healthcare Solutions speeds up processes by up to 40 per cent.

The E-Government Act is soon set to take effect. Under this law hospitals, clinics and laboratories will be called on to perform a number of complex tasks that cannot be completed without first digitising large volumes of data. Specially designed solutions will be required to meet the unique requirements placed on the healthcare sector.

The challenges faced by the healthcare sector will be summarised in the following video as well as infographic that briefly outlines the challenges and solutions for the industry.

Click here to view the two infographics: Infographic "Internal challenges" & infographic "External challenges"

Vier Fragezeichen

Are you asking yourself ...

  • How are we positioned in terms of eHealth?
  • Are the large amounts of data our primary concern?
  • What are the areas we need to focus most on?

In order to develop solutions you need to know the issues being faced. We at TA Triumph-Adler have just the experience you need, having gained this during the many process optimisation projects carried out for customers in the healthcare sector. This means we are well acquainted with the challenges in your sector.

Challenges in the healthcare sector

Christoph Schröter from Project Sales reports on how TA Triumph-Adler is addressing and overcoming the challenges in the healthcare sector.

Industry solutions we’ve already developed for customers

  • Digital patient files
  • Access rights management
  • Efficient wound documentation

Contact us today – and we will perform a detailed analysis of your needs. Based on this analysis, we are able to select the right (customised) healthcare solution for you. 


Award-winning ECM software: enaio MDK Workflow.
How digitisation is done right in the healthcare sector: The solution was developed in conjunction with hospitals. The goal was to ensure timely processing and logging of MDK processes.

The solution secured 3rd place in the category ‘IT & Communication’ at the M&K AWARD 2016. MDK = Medical Service of Health Insurers

Digitales Gesundheitswesen

eHealth in a nutshell

  • E-Health Act – Act on secure digital communication and applications in the healthcare system
  • Goal: To fully digitise the healthcare sector in order to improve communications between all parties involved and provide patients with higher quality care
  • Since 1 July 2016: Nationwide rollout of an online check and use of the master data of insured persons
  • All communication between doctors, medics, hospitals and external partners (chemist’s shops, labs specialised in blood analysis) will be digitised.