Reduce the amount of time spent looking for records by 50 per cent.

We seek to understand the situation before we begin developing solutions for you. Having keen knowledge of the challenges faced in your industry allows us to conduct an in-depth analysis of your individual needs and provide you with strong answers. This enables you to place your primarily focus on the current case you are handling. 

One thing is certain: Major changes and challenges are coming to the legal sector. An example in Germany of this is the special electronic mailbox for lawyers (beA), which has been available since 28 November 2016. This allows documents to be submitted online to the courts that are part of the e-Justice initiative with immediate effect. It is highly important for law firms to take steps now to adapt their internal processes to facilitate electronic legal transactions. This means you’re always on the safe side. You can find a summary of the key changes and challenges in our infographic

It has also been established that inflexible solutions that are not open to change will not be able to meet the requirements. Highly specialised legal solutions are instead required to complete complex tasks. We at TA Triumph-Adler have already successfully optimised the processes of many companies operating the legal field. This means we are well acquainted with your industry and the requirements you have.

Advantages of using TA Legal Solutions

  • 50 per cent reduction in the amount of time you spend looking for records thanks to keyword searches of client files stored in PDF format
  • Data is available everywhere and anytime
  • Scanning and editing meeting minutes saves time and nerves
  • Minimise the risk of errors by digitising process and client records
  • End-to-end data security 

Are you looking to draw on resources beyond the files on record in making your decisions? Contact us now to learn more about our customised TA legal solutions.

Rechtemanagement Unterstützung

Challenges in the legal sector

Dr Daniel Wagenführer, General Manager Business Development Sales & Service Group, reports on how TA Triumph-Adler is addressing and overcoming the challenges in the legal sector. 

The special electronic mailbox for lawyers (beA) in brief (in Germany)


  • Secure legal correspondence between lawyers, courts and bar associations (pursuant to German law requiring electronic legal correspondence (FördEIRV))
  • Secure login and identity and authorisation checks


  • Replacement of the electronic court and administration inbox (EGVP)

Current situation

  • While the initial rollout was delayed, beA has been available to all lawyers since 28 November 2016. Starting from 31 December 2017, all written correspondence must be submitted online to the courts with a qualified electronic signature.