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The public sector is facing a number of major challenges. The E-Government Act was enacted back in 2013, increasing pressure on public institutions to pursue a path towards digitisation. Off-the-shelf solutions are inadequate due to the unique and complex nature of the challenges found here.

Understanding the specific situation in which you operate is necessary to chart the best course possible. We at TA Triumph-Adler have this information, gained during the many process optimisation projects carried out for public-sector customers. This means we are well acquainted with the challenges in your industry.

This includes key challenges within your sector such as

  • Document digitisation
  • Process optimisation and automation
  • Green IT and recycling
  • Energy management for your printing systems
  • Data protection and security

You can find a summary of the key changes and challenges in our infographic.

We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your individual needs and present our public solutions to you. Contact us now!

Challenges in the public sector

Bernhard Fiebig, Key Account Manager Public, reports on how TA Triumph-Adler is successfully addressing and overcoming the challenges in the public sector.

Orange Taste eGouvernment

E-government in a nutshell

  • Goal #1: Streamline electronic communication with government agencies
  • Goal #2: Provide federal, state and local governments with the ability to offer electronic administrative services that are more efficient and user-friendly
  • Specific goals: Simplify electronic certificates and payment processes and achieve compliance with publication obligations via digital media
  • Soon to be mandatory: More secure electronic dispatch and receipt of invoices (starting in 2018) and electronic file management (from 2020)