"The concept worked in practice just as promised."

Christoph Tress, Head of Organisation and Data Processing, Brandt

Brandt Zwieback-Schokoladen GmbH + Co. KG

The Brandt brand achieved cult status in part by choosing the right partners. The venerable company joined up with TA Triumph-Adler five months ago to upgrade its document management. Christoph Tress, Head of Organisation and Data Processing, reports on working together with TA Triumph-Adler. 

The initial situation
Five years ago contracts we had with our previous document management provider expired. We called for bids from vendors and ultimately came to the conclusion that TA Triumph-Adler was the only provider to meet the mark. Our strategy was to achieve the greatest possible standardisation of hardware and software in order to keep maintenance work to a minimum. Alongside quantitative performance capability, print quality was also a key criterion behind me making the decision I made: The employees in the marketing department need to be able to rely on colourfast proofs for layout designs.

Brandt Sortiment

The solution
The Total Output Management (TOM) concept developed by TA Triumph-Adler met all of the criteria. It was important for us that the system landscape could be modified at any time – whether we needed to extend it or reduce it. The standardised range of systems now includes, among others, 68 DIN A4 printers and roughly 50 multifunctional printers from TA Triumph-Adler. Paper is also included, reducing the workload of our purchasing department. In terms of materials procurement, the TOM concept offers us more cost-effective conditions than the ones we were able to negotiate with suppliers. The systems were swapped out quickly: The same hardware was installed at all of the sites in under four weeks.


„Simply put, they offer the best value for your money.“

Christoph Tress, Head of Organisation and Data Processing

The results
The TOM concept allows us to work far more efficiently and achieve a monthly cost savings of around 37 per cent. 118 systems now manage the annual print volume of 2,350,000 pages. The TA Triumph-Adler solution generates clearly structured information and delivers the desired level of transparency thanks to the Accounting Box. Back then, we had to thoroughly, manually recalculate things – but now we can review all of the costs at a glance. The concept worked in practice exactly like I expected it would, based on the presentation.