"A level of professionalism that I found impressive."

Stefan Domanske, IT Director of the Lüneburg district

Lüneburg district

Around 180,000 citizens live in the district of Lüneburg, which is located south of Hamburg, Germany. The district administrative authority based in Lüneburg acts as a public authority responsible for community tasks and concerns itself with the needs of local citizens – from motor vehicle registrations, to issuing building permits, through to upholding environmental protection.

The initial situation

In 2015, TA Triumph-Adler received an order to replace the printer and copier infrastructure at the headquarters and schools of the Lüneburg district with equipment optimised to respective user needs. Prior to cooperating with TA Triumph-Adler, the Lüneburg district had an organically grown printer and copier infrastructure with little transparency and which took a great deal of effort to manage. Each system required a different toner, for instance. The district’s requirements for their new service provider, alongside compliance with statutory regulations for data and environmental protection, were as follows: good products, reliability and good service, all at economical prices.

Landkreis Lüneburg

The solution

250 printers were replaced in the public authority’s offices, and 55 multifunctional systems were replaced in the district’s schools; all of this was done in keeping with respective needs. The TA Cockpit® asset and system management solution was also implemented, acting as a Web-based control centre that provides an overview of all systems at all times. The devices were successfully rolled out within a single day during ongoing operation and while the facilities involved were open to the public, without any disruptions. “TA Triumph-Adler prepared the rollout very well – from the delivery, to exchanging the devices, through to removal. We could always reach our personal Rollout Manager,” says Stefan Domanske, IT Director of the Lüneburg district.

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„We cut costs by 25 per cent on average in schools since we no longer had to put effort into maintenance and placing orders.“

Stefan Domanske, IT Director of the Lüneburg district

The result

The district enjoyed a boost in efficiency and a simultaneous drop in costs: “In the schools alone, we cut costs by 25 per cent on average since we no longer had to put effort into maintenance and placing orders.” TA Cockpit® monitors the new printer landscape in a fully automated manner. The IT team can access status notifications and coordinate technician service calls from any place. The toner inventory has also been reduced. “We have an overview of the entire infrastructure and the costs incurred. That makes my budget planning easier.” The number of printers has also been reduced. “The new solution is easy on my budget, protects the environment and improves the atmosphere in the office,” says Domanske.

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Our success story: TA & disctrict of Lüneburg