"Hospitals need to operate like business in todays world."

Friederike Schulz, Head of Marketing, Gross-Sand Hospital

Gross-Sand Hospital Wilhelmsburg

The 200-bed Gross-Sand Hospital, which draws its name from the nearby water tower on Wilhelmsburg, an island in the river Elbe in Hamburg, is one of a number of smaller primary and secondary care providers which are now facing several major challenges. While pressure is mounting to reduce costs, it is also becoming increasingly important for healthcare providers to strategically align their service offering. 

The initial situation
We made the decision to cooperate with TA Triumph-Adler in 2006. In making this decision, we prioritised clear cost transparency, planning security and using the most modern print concept available. Along with that, we wanted to shift towards custom usage of devices tailored to workplace needs as well as quick resolution of technical problems. Keep in mind that intensive care treatments and ventilation protocols are scanned at the intensive care station, which means that the printers absolutely cannot fail. TA Triumph-Adler assured us that they would be able to meet these very needs. 

Klinikum Gross Sand Empfang

The solution
TA Triumph-Adler conducted an analysis in which it examined our system and document costs over recent years and recommended TOM. Our former systems from a number of different vendors were replaced with new devices, without any additional investment on our part, and a generous print volume was specified. After that, we were all set and ready to go.

Five years down the road, TOM has allowed us to achieve maximum transparency regarding costs and the usage of our systems. We clearly wanted more. We were also looking to further lower costs, achieve maximum data security and have the latest equipment available. TA Triumph-Adler recommended that we sharply reduce the number of devices at the clinic and roll out the aQrate and TA Cockpit® software solutions to ensure secure and convenient operation. The number of systems was cut from 120 to 49. aQrate did not increase the workload of staff despite the reduced number of devices, as TA Cockpit simplifies the operation of multifunctional systems.


„TA Triumph-Adler is a partner that we can completely trust when it comes to IT and document management.“

Manfred Hartwig, IT Manager, Gross-Sand Hospital

This means that the clinic’s employees can pick up their printouts from any of our systems on-site. That is highly beneficial for doctors, since they move from station to station and need the same forms each day. They can print those out from any location at all times without having to return to their desks. Each employee is assigned a personal PIN to ensure that this person – and no one else – is able to collect the documents he or she has printed. Documents are scanned using the Scan2Me function that ensures that the files are automatically sent to the employee’s e-mail address. 

The result
TA Triumph-Adler is a fast and reliable partner that we can completely trust when it comes to IT and document management. The service is second to none. Our employees are satisfied, and the work for our IT specialists is now much simpler. We also reduced our costs. I hardly believed that, despite the cost savings, we could still work better and more conveniently. 


Our sucess story: TA & Gross-Sand Hospital