"We continue to be very happy with our decision."

Information systems specialist Stefan Drewing, IT Project Manager, Henrich Baustoffzentrum GmbH & Co. KG

Henrich Baustoffzentrum GmbH & Co. KG

Henrich Baustoffzentrum GmbH & Co. KG has enjoyed a successful partnership with TA Triumph-Adler for more than ten years. Having customised solutions allows the company to be well positioned to meet changing requirements at all times.

The initial situation
We at Henrich have focused on quality, flexibility and customer service for over 150 years. One challenge the company faces is the constantly increasing speed of everyday work. Of course, our customers in the building materials sector expect us to respond immediately. Things that could take up an entire day ten years ago need to be carried out instantly nowadays. We knew that we needed a partner for document management who had similarly high standards. 

Henrich Arbeit

The solution
We made the decision to team up with TA Triumph-Adler. This decision was based on our knowledge of the incredible value of having effective document management to ensure smooth workflows – and we continue to be very happy with our choice. We support the company’s nine branch offices from our head offices in Siegburg. While we cannot be everywhere all the time, we know that a service technician from TA Triumph-Adler will be there to assist in less than 24 hours if problems arise. Having this peace of mind makes our work that much easier. 


„We found a reliable partner in TA Triumph-Adler“

Stefan Drewing, IT Project Manager of Henrich

A total of 72 systems from TA Triumph-Adler were put into operation at the various branches under the terms of the TOM (Total Output Management) contract. All of these systems are centrally managed by TA Cockpit®, the web-based asset management program from TA Triumph-Adler. We have already carried out three rollouts together with TA Triumph-Adler. Entire systems are regularly replaced, since they have to perform a great deal. We’re always given the latest models available. Prior to each rollout, detailed inspections are carried out to determine possible additional optimisation or cost reduction options. These investigations always centre around answering the following questions: What do our 250 employees need in order to work as efficiently as possible? Which printer systems are being used, and where? And is there a more effective solution?

The result
TA Cockpit® provides an overview of all systems in use at the company. We enjoy maximum cost transparency, know which printing volume is being used where and can detect failure notifications immediately. I do not need to take a look at the program very frequently. It simply runs so smoothly on the devices. And none of us here have to order toner anymore – TA Cockpit orders the toner when it is about to run out on a particular device. It’s then automatically sent to the right site.

The process was optimised to such a great extent for our merchandise management system that orders could be printed out at different locations and on different types of paper in the accounting department or at the point of sale for customers. We use specific parameters to control this predefined workflow. It was important for us to work together with TA Triumph-Adler to find the best solution. It is clear to see that we found a reliable partner in TA Triumph-Adler who is able to provide top-quality support for all of our sites. We have also been impressed by their product for a number of years. Everything is going great.