"The offer from TA Triumph-Adler was just more exciting."

Jürgen Hecht, Managing Director, county chapter Hagen of the German Red Cross

County chapter Hagen of the German Red Cross

180 full-time employees and more than 300 volunteers work at the German Red Cross, counter chapter Hagen, where they provide first-aid instruction, social services and work with and for senior citizens. Jürgen Hecht, Managing Director, describing his experience working with TA Triumph-Adler.

The initial situation
We had 35 computer workstations equipped with 35 printers from various companies. We bought printers whenever the price was low. This posed a problem: All of the printers performed differently. Some of them could print in any format while others couldn’t. After a year, many of them were technologically outdated and each one needed a different toner cartridge – it was a real catastrophe. At some point, it became clear that we had to do something about this. By sheer chance we happened to receive an offer from TA Triumph-Adler right at that moment. We compared the offer with that of another local service provider. The offer from TA Triumph-Adler was not only far more exciting; the concept and quality also made it more appealing.

Consultation (DRK)

The solution
We signed a TOM contract in April 2007 and are currently leasing 38 devices – from small office printers, to colour printers, through to high-performance copiers – from TA Triumph-Adler. This allows us to both scan and fax. The devices do not constantly break down, which spares time, money and employees’ nerves. Another advantage is that documents can be sent, used and printed out internally without any issues because they are now all formatted in the same way. That means that I no longer have to concern myself with this issue and can focus on my tasks as Managing Director, and my employees can work without disruptions. 


„I finally have time to focus on what’s truly important.“

Jürgen Hecht, Managing Director of the German Red Cross, county chapter Hagen

The result
We lowered our costs by roughly 20 per cent. Even more important, our workflows have become faster, more fluid and, above all, more reliable. They are continually improving, as is the technology – and as are we. That’s why TA Triumph-Adler is in the process of carrying out a full analysis, examining all of our workflows and optimising them. TA Triumph-Adler and TOM also let us expand with a great deal less effort. This is important because we will be adding 70 new workstations over the next two years, ten of them equipped with computers. All we had to do was call, and the new devices would come in. I knew I could always count on everything to work!