"All we have to do is call, and the technician comes to our site."

Horst Molenaar, CEO of Johanniter Seniorenhäuser Region West, Cologne (Germany)

Johanniter’s motto: Because we love life!

Johanniter Seniorenhäuser GmbH is the largest not-for-profit elder care provider in Germany, with 93 facilities, 7,600 beds and 6,000 employees. For more than ten years the company has partnered with TA Triumph-Adler to meet all of the document management needs at its Regional Centre West.

The initial situation
We want the patients at our facilities to receive the best care and support possible. Copiers and printers are not a primary concern unless they break down. This can cause major disruptions to work processes if it is not possible for staff to create an invoice or print the in-house newsletter. We were using a wide variety of devices. As a result, there were often technical issues with the systems. 

Therefore, we commissioned TA Triumph-Adler over ten years ago with finding a solution for optimally supplying the facilities with printers and copiers to replace our existing systems, address individual workflows and be appealing from a financial standpoint.

Johanniter Beratung

The solution
TA Triumph-Adler was up for the challenge. The cooperation began with the immediate delivery of two devices required for the location in Cologne. A precise analysis was carried out; all of the organisation’s elder care facilities in Region West were visited, and their respective current statuses were analysed on-site. We were impressed with the result – TA Triumph-Adler won the contract to implement the concept developed especially for us. Cost efficiency is something we need to address as an operator of senior care facilities. We want the funds at our disposal to benefit the people who reside and work at our facilities.


„The service provided by TA Triumph-Adler has always been a key reason for us to maintain this cooperation.“

Horst Molenaar, CEO of Johanniter Senoirenhäuser Region West

The offer from TA Triumph-Adler was impressive in terms of the costs as well. In a major operation, we went ahead and replaced all of our equipment with modern systems carefully selected to meet our needs. We also reviewed and modified our workflows. After the changes were implemented, there is now no longer a printer at every workstation. We placed high-performance devices at central locations and reduced the number of printers and models of printer. All printing and copying systems were once again swapped out in 2013, and the contract was renewed for another 72 months.

260 systems from TA Triumph-Adler are now in use at Johanniter Seniorenhäuser’s facilities as set out in the TOM (Total Output Management) contract. All of these systems are centrally managed by TA Cockpit®, the web-based asset management program from TA Triumph-Adler. The Germany-wide IT organisation will be consolidated at the Competence Centre in Berlin, as will the monitoring activities covering all equipment operated by the west region.

That’s where our central server farm is. We’re connected to it through the internet via our IT service provider, Citrix. That means we all work on a single server shared by all users. TA Cockpit® is likewise run centrally from Berlin.

The result
TA Cockpit®, the fleet management solution of TA Triumph-Adler, allows our employees at our Competence Centre in Berlin to have a constant overview of all of the printers and copiers in use, detect failure notifications immediately, enjoy maximum cost transparency and know which printing volume is being used where. Devices from other providers than TA Triumph-Adler can also be monitored using TA Cockpit®, but we are not currently making use of this option. The processes are running smoothly after quickly establishing a well-functioning partnership.

Even if all the devices are monitored centrally from Berlin, service staff are there at the individual facilities in no time. All we have to do is a call, and the technician comes to our site. The service provided by TA Triumph-Adler has always been a key reason for us to maintain this cooperation. Our goal was to find a partner we could fully trust when it comes to document management. One of the services TA Triumph-Adler offers in TA Cockpit® is the automatic reordering of toner and paper, both of which are shipped directly to the relevant system. It’s often the little things that make a difference. TA Triumph-Adler finds customised solutions. For instance, they provided us with a plotter that our staff required. While this is not part of TA Triumph-Adler’s standard service, they are there to help us when we need them – and that’s really good to know.