"We salute your flexibility."

Andres Betz, Head of Administration, Hüttener Berge collective municipality

Hüttener Berge collective municipality

The Hüttener Berge collective municipality is making a concerted effort to cut costs and increase efficiency. Andreas Betz, who heads up the office, describes document management at a public authority and collaboration with TA Triumph-Adler. Collaboration with true benefits.

The initial situation
Over the past few years, pressures have been rising for public authorities such as ourselves, as has also been the case for private enterprises. With that in mind, our motto is: Reduce costs, increase efficiency. In the wake of the administrative merger of the collective municipalities of Hütten and Wittensee in 2008, we decided to upgrade our equipment. 

Amt Hüttener Berge

The solution
We commissioned TA Triumph-Adler with outfitting us with a new range of devices and signed a TOM contract with them. The great thing was that the task of installing the new systems involved very little work for us. Working with TA Cockpit® has proved great for us. The box analyses the fleet of devices to help answer questions like: Is something broken? How many copies were made? Who printed how much at which cost center? And how much did that cost? The Accounting Box also indicates when toner is running low for a device and then automatically places an order for some more. We used to have a huge inventory of toner. Issues of storage and expired toner are now a thing of the past. We no longer have to check the toner levels on our systems as well. All this information is available on the box. We also receive much better service from a single partner. That pays real dividends.

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The result
Improving workflows, IT usage and document management replaced work that would have required 5-1/2 employees to perform. Filling these positions would have cost around €220,000–225,000 annually. Optimising the printing, copying and telephone costs allows us to save an additional €40,000 annually. Of course, not all of the savings are down to TA Triumph-Adler. However, replacing our entire range of devices enabled us to significantly reduce costs and increase device quality at the same time. TA Triumph-Adler proved to be the right partner for our optimisation process. 

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