Our TA Software Solutions

Specific requirements demand specific answers. Every customer has different demands. Our goal remains always the same: to make the processes in your company as efficient as possible. This is why we do not provide off-the-shelf solutions, but tailor-made solutions.

 Capture and Distribution

1. Capture & Distribution

Our Capture & Distribution Solutions simplify the digitization, distribution and further processing of documents. This includes:

Cost Control and Security

2. Cost Control & Security

Our Cost Control & Security Solutions enable the encryption and authentication of print jobs. These solutions include:

Print and Connectivity

3. Print & Connectivity

Our Print & Connectivity Solutions ensure the digitization, conversion and distribution of your documents. For you, this means a significant acceleration, automation and simplification of your business processes. The following solutions are helpful:

Mobile Cloud Solutions

4. Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Our Mobile & Cloud Solutions for smartphones and tablets enable mobile printing and scanning. No matter where you are. This includes: