Helping to shape the future. For the sake of the environment.

Supporting the environment in its natural balance and protecting it against negative influences is one of the most important challenges of our time. We dedicate ourselves to this aim with all our entrepreneurial commitment and by placing high demands on ourselves. We are proud that TA Triumph-Adler has lived up to this responsibility for many years now.

On these pages we provide you an overview of our commitment to the field of sustainability. Would you like to know more? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to being able to tell you more.


ISO 14001: the number for sustainability

We are certified! The ISO 14001 standard forms the basis for the establishment, introduction, monitoring and further development of environmental management systems.

Read more about our certification.

Umgang mit Chemikalien: natürlich REACH

Safe handling of chemicals: REACH of course!

Care is required when it comes to chemicals. The European Chemicals Regulation REACH places many obligations on companies to comply with legislation. REACH regulates the registration, evaluation, restriction and authorisation of chemicals, thereby creating the necessary transparency.

Read more about our materials and disposal.


More than just environmentally-friendly: clever people pack wisely

We pack our products in "intelligent" cartons and thereby avoid materials such as polystyrene and other fillers. We only use recyclable materials such as transport pallets which consist mainly of cardboard.

Find out about the technology, packaging and paper.

Award-winning energy consumption with the Energy Star

Almost every one of our products bears the "Energy Star" label. This means that the energy consumption of this award-winning system meets all the requirements of the energy-saving programme that apply in the USA and the EU when at rest.

Read how we save energy and fuel.

Ein Ass bei den Emissionen

An expert on emissions

Better than official requirements: the law has imposed strict limits on emission levels in order to protect the user. Some of our products fall below these specified (voluntary) limits – to a significant extent in some cases. This applies to ozone, dust and styrene emissions.

Find out what we do to reduce emissions.

Recycling als Unternehmensprinzip

Recycling as a corporate principle

Our business unit for specialist trade distribution – UTAX – is one of the founders of EAR (national register for waste electric equipment (stiftung ear)), which coordinates the free disposal of electrical waste by manufacturers. This means that the appropriate return of the TA Triumph-Adler systems is a matter of course for us.

Learn more about our recycling.

Do you have any questions about our environmental management? Please do not hesitate to contact us at umwelt@triumph-adler.net.