More than just environmentally-friendly: clever people pack wisely

We pack our products in "intelligent" cartons and thereby avoid materials such as polystyrene and other fillers. We only use recyclable materials such as transport pallets which consist mainly of cardboard. In addition, our service providers take all transport packagings back with them directly and forward them to the recycling companies.

Consumption management: Paper use with brains

Our systems process all normal and recycled papers that meet the quality standard DIN 12281 "Paper for copying purposes". In the majority of cases, users can also use the paper on both sides – an effective contribution to environmental protection.

Our IOM (Intelligent Order Management) also offers customers a fully automated supply of consumables to meet their needs. Items are re-ordered as and when required: This minimises the logistical effort and also benefits the environment.

For toners, the packaging can “pack up and go home” because we simply replace the toner cartridge, thereby saving packaging, reducing waste and conserving resources.

Longevity as the conservation of resources

When manufacturing our products, we base our environmental philosophy on the entire life cycle. Through the use of our patented ceramic drum technology, our systems are particularly long-lasting – this avoids frequent new acquisitions and therefore the consumption of resources in production.

Using toner efficiently

Some of our printers are equipped with a useful function: It prevents users from accidentally replacing toner cartridges that are not completely empty. This saves resources and unnecessary transport journeys for new cartridges.