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FollowPrint: Junge Reisende, die Ihre Hand zum Mitkommen ausstreckt


The great thing about a networked printer fleet is that it provides flexibility. If the selected MFP is unable to process a job at the given time - if it is undergoing maintenance or because it is printing half a novel - another office printer steps in. This is made possible by our Print&Follow software.

Print&Follow ensures greater efficiency by storing all print jobs in the central multifunction printer, the Manager MFP. All printing systems connected to the networked printer fleet have access to this hard disk, allowing employees to access any free office printer. Print&Follow displays the print jobs as a list from which the respective documents to be printed can be selected.

Print&Follow maintains a high standard of security. All data can be transferred in encrypted form. Each staff member must authenticate their ID before they can initiate the print job and collect the printouts. Logging in to the multifunction device using a PIN or ID card reader has been kept deliberately simple.

A summary of the advantages

  • No servers: all print jobs are stored in the Manager MFP.
  • Easy login: simple access with a PIN or ID card reader
  • Security: encryption and authentication ensure that only authorised users can access documents.
  • Print jobs remain in the Print&Follow list until they have been completed or deleted.

We particularly recommend Print&Follow for smaller companies with printer fleets of up to five printing systems.

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