Important Safety Warning regarding TA P-2655wMFP

Vulnerabilities in TA P-C2655wMFP

August, 30, 2019

TA Triumph-Adler GmbH

Potential Security Impact:

XSS, CSRF, Path Traversal, Broken Access Control, Potential Buffer Overflow


Potential security vulnerabilities have been identified with TA P-C2655wMFP printer. The vulnerabilities could be exploited to perform Cross-site scripting (XSS), Cross-site request forgery (CSRF), Path Traversal, Broken Access Control, or Buffer overflow attacks.

Reference Number:

CVE-2019-13195, CVE-2019-13196, CVE-2019-13197, CVE-2019-13198, CVE-2019-13199, CVE-2019-13200, CVE-2019-13201, CVE-2019-13202, CVE-2019-13203, CVE-2019-13204, CVE-2019-13205, CVE-2019-13206


The TA Triumph-Adler GmbH acknowledges the NCC Group for reporting these vulnerabilities as it helps our company in optimizing product security.

Affected Product and Updated Software:

Please refer to the software version below, which resolves these vulnerabilities. Please contact your support representative for information about installation of the updated software.

Product NameUpdated Software Version
TA P-C2655wMFP2R7_2000.002.301

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