Recycling as a corporate principle

Our business unit for specialist trade distribution – UTAX – is one of the founders of EAR (national register for waste electric equipment (stiftung ear)), which coordinates the free disposal of electrical waste by manufacturers. This means that the appropriate return of the TA Triumph-Adler systems is a matter of course for us. TA Triumph-Adler GmbH is registered with EAR.

Good to know: Based on EU Directive 2012/19/EC (manufacturers’ take-back obligation), the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) regulates "the placing on the market, take-back and environmentally sound disposal of electrical and electronic equipment" in Germany. This means that consumers can return their old electrical and electronic equipment free of charge to the public collection points.

The manufacturers are obliged in turn to take back the equipment collected there and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Furthermore, electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market in private households must be marked with a crossed-out waste bin on wheels.

No throwaway society: TA ReLife

Continue to use instead of throwing away: TA Triumph-Adler takes back printers, copiers, MFPs and fax machines, e.g. from expiring leasing contracts, and carries out a quality-assured overhaul and repairs. The systems are then offered as a cost-effective alternative to new products. This is twice as smart because it also reduces the amount of electronic scrap.

Batteries: Full power for disposal

TA Triumph-Adler has been a partner of the GRS battery take-back system since 2010. The well-known green collection boxes are also set up at the sites in order to make the necessary contribution to environmental protection and proper disposal.

Better safe than sorry: Tested safety – GS mark

All our products bear the GS mark (tested safety). With this voluntary contribution, we provide additional safety for our customers.