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Zwei Männer stehen an der Produktionsdruckmaschine

Production printing

It is of benefit to authorities who send out important information to their residents. Likewise to banks that inform their customers about changes in the law. The same applies to insurance companies that send out thousands of bills to their policyholders, month after month. They will all benefit from the TA Pro 15050c, the first digital printer from TA Triumph-Adler to use inkjet technology. Whether for personalised form letters, invoices or direct mailings, the TA Pro 15050c is ideally suited for bulk mail that also needs to be personalised.
The technical term for this growing market is production printing. Forecasts indicate that more than 20% of all print jobs will soon be printed on inkjet printers. The advantages are compelling: good flexibility, durability and generous maintenance intervals. This translates into increased efficiency and lower costs. Would you like to find out more? Read what our customers Druckerei Reichert and have to say about their experiences with the TA Pro 15050c.
The highlights of the TA Pro 15050c at a glance
  • Efficient: up to 1 million A4 prints per month
  • Fast: 150 A4 prints per minute, that's 9,000 pages per hour. It takes only 5.5 seconds to print the first page.
  • Scalable: up to four large trays hold a total of 14,100 sheets of paper.
  • Versatile: print and personalise on paper up to 360 g/m2 and 120 cm long
  • Modern: the 600 x 1,200 dpi resolution and not least the compact dimensions ensure this.
  • Service-oriented: remote maintenance via augmented reality glasses fixes any problems with no loss of time.
  • Economical: in its default configuration, the average energy consumption is 6.3 kWh per week.
Kyocera's in-house development was awarded Best Colour, SRA3 in the 500,000 A4 prints per month category.

The EDP Award is one of the most important technology awards in the industry and recognises innovation in the digital printing industry. The prize is awarded by the European Digital Press Association.
The right system for every job
The TA Pro 15050c has a modular design. From the compact basic model to the heavy-user model, TA Triumph-Adler offers five different models to meet your wishes and needs!

Compact: the base model

This model is equipped with a finisher with a large paper tray and takes up very little space thanks to its compact dimensions. Thanks to its paper capacity of around 4,000 sheets, it is also suitable for long runs and ideal for simple tasks with only a few different types of paper.

Flexible: the standard model

This model is perfect for jobs with different types of paper, as the high-capacity paper tray can hold up to 8,880 sheets. The different paper types can be used in combination during the printing process; there are six paper trays for this purpose. This increases efficiency through shorter downtimes.

Untiring: the PSP model

This configuration offers you high productivity with a small footprint (only approx. 4.6 m long). It has no finishing unit, but has a paper capacity of approx. 8,880 sheets plus an additional large-capacity paper tray with 5,000 sheets. This makes it ideal for long, non-stop printing jobs.

Bulk-ready: the PSP-F model

This system configuration leaves nothing to be desired and offers you plenty of flexibility. With its finisher and large-capacity paper tray with a capacity of more than 9,000 sheets, it is perfect for bulk printing.

Complete: the full configuration

Our top-of-the-range model offers maximum output with a paper capacity of approx. 14,100 sheets. This allows for uninterrupted printing of large volumes, thanks in part to the large paper tray and many different magazines and trays. The top model is ideal for average runs of around 1 million A4 sheets per month.
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You can find the appropriate drivers, safety and environmental data sheets for our TA Pro 15050c in our download centre.
The current driver is available for download here.

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