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Software-Lösungen; Grafik eines Tablets und Mobilephones

Our software solutions

The most important functions of software in modern offices are to make documents available in digital form, to process them in coherent workflows and to archive them. Monitoring is almost just as important - is everything working as planned? TA Triumph-Adler has tailor-made solutions for all these software tasks.


Outsource routine tasks! In our capacity as a managed services provider, we offer cloud solutions that lend themselves particularly well to document management with ECM solutions.


From capturing and editing to saving and archiving, digital document management with ECM solutions ensures convenient workflows.


TA Triumph-Adler’s monitoring solutions capture and monitor a wide range of data, ranging from all printer fleet activities to working hours.
Monitoring_Icon einer Wolke und der Übersicht der Druckerflotte


Access to documents, anytime, anywhere: in an increasingly mobile world, our solutions are always at the cutting edge of technology.


How do you convert a fax or a paper document into a digital document? By scanning it! Using solutions provided by TA Triumph-Adler.
Scannen_Icon eines Papierdokumentes in einen digitalen Ordner