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Our cloud solutions

Digital workflows increase efficiency and make tasks easier at the same time. As good as this may be, the issue is that the more digitised the world of work becomes, the greater the workload IT employees have to bear. They have to ensure that all the software solutions work in harmony, have the latest updates installed and are given the best possible protection against incursions. IT departments in smaller companies in particular can quickly reach their limits. This is why cloud solutions are so appealing: all these routine tasks can be outsourced to specialised providers. They store and manage data in their high-security data centres, including administering automatic software updates. In our capacity as a managed services provider, TA Triumph-Adler offers various cloud solutions that lend themselves particularly well to document management with ECM solutions. We made a conscious decision to work with a European cloud provider so that no data privacy concerns can arise.

ECM: manage documents with yuuvis® RAD as a Service

You can use yuuvis® RAD by Optimal Systems to outsource your document management to the cloud. It gives you all the advantages of an ECM solution without having to worry about the technology. In fact, the opposite is true: In its capacity as a managed service provider, TA Triumph-Adler rolls out all updates and patches automatically without you having to concern yourself with them.
The special feature of ECM solutions is the digital workflows, which makes recording, processing and managing documents a great deal easier. yuuvis® RAD currently has workflows for accounting, contract management and human resources.

Digital accounting

Missed a payment deadline? Wasted a discount opportunity? Misplaced an invoice? The ECM module for digital invoice checking and processing can prevent all of these problems. It does this by shortening the paths for approval and payment.

Digital contract management

A wide variety of contracts are created, managed, corrected and searched for in companies every day. Digital contract management allows for a quick overview and reminds you of deadlines in good time. It’s no surprise that this ECM solution is becoming more and more popular.

Digital personnel files

Access your employees’ references, certificates or target agreements at the touch of a button. The digital personnel file also aids you in searching for notice periods or salary overviews. This saves you time for more important things.

Manage documents with the TA Cloud Information Manager

TACIM, the Cloud Information Manager from TA Triumph-Adler, is a cloud-based document management system that enables small and medium-sized companies to systematically store and manage documents from any location. Perfect for decentralized companies as well as for employees in the field and working from home!

Printing and scanning with the cloud

Print orders from the cloud? No problem! TA Cloud Print and Scan allows you to print and scan no matter where you are, with the highest levels of security. All orders are managed centrally in the cloud and processed in encrypted form. TA Cloud Print and Scan is available for use right away - as is TA Cloud Connect. It is worth mentioning that when it comes to print orders from the cloud, Microsoft sets the standard with Universal Print, which is compatible with more and more MFPs produced by TA Triumph-Adler.

Record working hours with TA Zeitblick

TA Zeitblick makes recording your own working hours straightforward. As soon as the software is installed in the MFP, every employee can reliably record their own working hours with next to no effort.