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Datenschutz: Eine Frau steht vor einer Felswand und guckt nach oben

Privacy policy

TA Triumph-Adler takes data privacy seriously and therefore handles personal and all other data with the utmost care. You can find more information about data privacy on our website and about the way we handle the data of applicants, customers and interested parties on these web pages:

Data privacy statement on our website

Protecting personal data is taken very seriously on our website You can find out just how seriously here.

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Data privacy statement for customers and interested parties

Data are generated in the course of our exchanges with customers and suppliers. We have compiled details of how responsibly we deal with them here.

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Data privacy statement for applicants

Personal data are transferred with every digital application. Here we explain what happens to them and when they are deleted.

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Privacy statement for TA Cloud Print and Scan

Here you can find our privacy statement for the users of TA Cloud Print and Scan.

Privacy Statement TACPS