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Printing and photocopying used to be the most important tasks for office printers, alongside sending or receiving the occasional fax. Today, the focus has shifted, with scanning becoming more and more important. This converts paper documents into digital ones and allocates them to the right folders immediately. This is why at TA Triumph-Adler we talk about multifunction printers, or MFPs for short. They become facilitators of digital processes.

IT infrastructure

Working digitally requires a suitable IT infrastructure of hardware and software. Keep your IT infrastructure up to date with TA Triumph-Adler.

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Office printers and MFPs

Office printers used to be used for printing and copying. Today, the focus is shifting: When scanning, paper documents are transformed into digital ones and filed directly in the right folders. This makes MFPs the enablers of digital processes. Find out here which multifunction printers are best suited to your needs.

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Fleet management

Multifunction printers are linked together in a printer fleet. A combination of the TA Cockpit® as the electronic control centre and aQrate software look after monitoring the fleet. They keep track of who prints, photocopies, faxes or scans on which device.

Flottenmanagement: Kollegen in Einzel- und Gruppenarbeit
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Fax solutions

An MFP can do more than scan - it can handle faxes too: simply connect the IPTAM box to your network and then fax with ease using the SmartFax app. Incoming faxes are converted directly into PDFs.

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Print&Follow centralises all the print jobs within the networked printer fleet. Staff members can log in and authenticate print jobs at any printing system and print their documents there.

FollowPrint: Junge Reisende, die Ihre Hand zum Mitkommen ausstreckt
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Optimise your printer fleet with MDS analysis

The free MDS analysis from TA Triumph-Adler analyses your current printer fleet and deduces suggestions on how the hardware can be better used. As a result, costs are saved in the double-digit percentage range.

MDS-Analyse: Nahaufnahme des befüllens eines Konzeptes
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Deep insight: our white papers

If you want to learn more about MDS analysis, download our white paper "In 3 steps to the optimal printer fleet". Are you more interested in using your MFPs as a bridge from analogue to digital processes? Our white paper "MFP - The facilitator" tells you how to do this.

Nahaufnahme: Hand am Bildschirm eines unserer Multifunktionsprinter
MFP white paper

Download centre

Printer drivers, operating instructions, brochures, PTS certificates, utilities and much more can be downloaded here.

Download-Center: Petrolfarbene Pfeile auf orangenem Hintergrund
Download centre