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Softwarelösung: Sicherheit und Kostenübersicht über die Drucksysteme in einer Grafik dargestellt


Who prints how much in the office? aQrate knows. Which printer is used most frequently for copying? aQrate knows. Who is doing how much scanning and where? aQrate knows. aQrate allows you to allocate the costs of printing, copying, faxing and scanning to individual devices.

For most users, however, this is of secondary importance. They are delighted with the convenient display on the modern multifunction printer, or MFP for short. Printing, scanning, faxing and copying are made much more convenient as the user interface can be adapted to suit personal requirements. Scanned documents can be sent directly to the user's own email address or to the correct folder. This is achieved by requiring each user to verify their identity at the MFP. Thanks to aQrate, the office printer knows who wants to make use of its services and presents the corresponding display.

This authentication process not only increases convenience, but above all security. Jobs are only forwarded once users have verified their identity at the MFP via PIN, code card or user name and password. This means that printouts cannot fall into the wrong hands. All data can moreover be processed in encrypted form.

To see is to understand: that’s how aQrate works

This panel simulator shows how easy and self-explanatory aQrate's features and messages are to recognise on the display.

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