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TA Cockpit®

TA Cockpit® is the benchmark for monitoring printer fleets because it delivers real added value with a self-explanatory user interface and intuitive workflows. The digital control centre knows at all times what is happening at which MFP - and where the problem might be. This efficient fleet management meets the highest standards in safety and ensures transparency - and saves time, money and resources.

The benefits of TA Cockpit®

  • The established workflows of TA Cockpit® immediately provide an overview of the status and location of all office printers and automatically transmit meter readings, for instance.
  • TA Cockpit® ensures that the firmware of the printer fleet is always technically up to date: automatic updates avoid security gaps.
  • Always enough toner in stock: TA Cockpit® detects which multifunction printers are running low on toner and automatically orders supplies. Tracking information is also provided on the status of the delivery.
  • In the case of a technical problem, the maintenance service is informed - and they already know the error message when they come by. More and more problems can also be solved "remotely" - without a technician on site.
  • The service can be optionally requested directly via the MFP display. The current status can be called up at any time via integration in the ticket system. Service orders can be updated or cancelled in real time at any time.
  • The interface is completely implemented in Responsive Web Design. TA Cockpit® and all its functions can therefore be used on all end devices such as mobile devices, tablets, desktops or notebooks. Of course, the user interface meets the requirements of BITV 2.0, i.e. it is barrier-free.
  • All data is transmitted in encrypted form, which increases operational security.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) can be used to additionally secure user accounts. After entering the user name and password, a one-time password is additionally requested, which is generated with a linked app.

  • All data centers (ISO-certified, by the way) for TA Cockpit® are located in Germany. This ensures data protection.

The bonus: Save energy with TA Cockpit®

TA Cockpit® analyses the operating and stand-by times of all connected printing systems and calculates the energy consumption and CO2 emissions on this basis. The software analyses the usage behaviour of the multifunction printers and calculates the most efficient energy-saving and switch-off times fully automatically. In this way, the environmental balance and the possible uses of the systems can be optimised. Yet another argument for the time-, cost- and resource-saving TA Cockpit®.

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