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Tonerrücknahme: Vater und Sohn sammeln Müll an einem Strand

Toner recycling

TA Triumph-Adler and its recycling partner LPR have set up a free recycling chain for toner cartridges that avoids waste and protects the environment. The principle is simple and free of charge: customers register at the portal and order an empty box, which is delivered by LPR. The customer gathers up their spent consumables in the box.

These boxes are available in different sizes: 60 litres, 160 litres and - depending on the contents - a cardboard box with 650 litres or a Multi Use Box with 850 litres.

Once the box is full, the customer goes back to the portal and orders a new empty box. At the same time, they place an order to have the full box collected. The system sends a sticker that is applied to the box to be collected. These labels are accompanied by QR codes that contain detailed information on the recycling chain. LPR will collect the full boxes and deliver the new empty boxes within a fixed period of time.

Full boxes are forwarded to a recycling factory. There, the empty toner cartridges are shredded and processed into plastic granulate. Almost 100% of this granulate can be fed back into the production cycle.