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Our mobile solutions

Our lives are becoming more mobile, and this is also true of our work. Desks in the office are left vacant when we work on the move or from home. No matter where we are at any given time, we need access to important data anytime and anywhere. TA Triumph-Adler’s mobile solutions guarantee this access by making it possible to print and scan from any location – and they can do much more besides!

Digital signatures: DocuSign

Contracts must be legally binding, and for this they need legally valid signatures. This is what DocuSign eSignature guarantees: our customers can sign contracts just as easily, quickly and with the same legal validity as physical invoices or order forms – and all of that digitally.

DocuSign_Digitale Unterschrift

Digital capture of handwritten documents: TA Mobile Data Capture

It has never been so easy to capture handwritten minutes, forms or contracts in digital form using mobile devices. Information can be entered quickly and easily using an ePen or tablet pen. The data are transferred in encrypted form and the electronic signatures are legally binding.

Print orders from any location: TA Mobile Print

TA Mobile Print connects smartphones, tablets and laptops to the MFPs in the printer network. The app makes it possible to print documents that you have scanned yourself or other documents from your mobile device. TA Mobile Print also supports the Follow2Print solutions aQrate and TA Cloud Print and Scan.

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