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Paper will not disappear from offices for as long as invoices and delivery notes continue to arrive by post. This is a hindrance for companies that want to digitise their processes in order to ensure efficiency, transparency and more convenient workflows. So what can be done? It's simple: paper documents are scanned (and thus digitised) immediately and automatically filed in the correct folders so that staff can access them directly. TA Triumph-Adler has the ideal solutions for this: ScannerVision and TA Capture Manager.

When equipped with ScannerVision, a multifunction printer (MFP) becomes an intelligent document manager that can capture, edit and distribute documents. ScannerVision makes sure that invoices and contracts, for example, are filed in a well-structured way and can be found easily. The universal workflow solution converts scans into editable files in Word or Excel, for example. This digitised data can easily be processed and managed in databases and in DMS or ECM systems. ScannerVision also recognises and processes barcode content and guarantees secure and encrypted data transmission. The menu navigation for scanning is simple and intuitive.
TA Capture Manager is more for companies with a manageable input of paper documents. TA Capture Manager also captures documents and converts them into a suitable readable format. This not only applies to paper documents, but also to e-mails and other digital formats. The TA Capture Manager can also recognise barcodes and OMR marks (for example in multiple choice questionnaires) and convert them in such a way that they are taken into account in the processing process.
How does TA Capture Manager work?
The paper invoice - to take this as an example - is scanned at the multifunction printer and converted into a readable format in the process. The entire range of file formats with DOCX, PDF, XLSX, PPTX and XML is available for selection. This means that the invoice is not only digitally readable, it can also be processed.

The added bonus is the document recognition. The TA Capture Manager can recognise, for instance, the invoice number and amount of selected invoicing parties, extract the required data and store it in a structured way. This eliminates the need to search for exactly where the invoices are stored. Of course, all electronically incoming documents are also stored in these folders.
How does ScannerVision work?
ScannerVision can do all of this - and more. With the additional functions of ScannerVision, further workflows can be set up with minimal investment of time and effort. For instance, this allows scanned documents to be uploaded directly to a variety of web servers, online web services and third-party applications. Metadata is filtered automatically, but can also be configured individually. Metadata includes creation date and time, but also contents of the document.

One of ScannerVision's most powerful features is metadata-dependent intelligent routing. This allows the destination of the scan to be determined by its content. To illustrate this with an example: If a barcode identifies that the document is a contract, it is saved in the network folder "Contracts" - and the legal department receives a copy by e-mail.

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