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IT infrastructure

Working digitally requires a suitable IT infrastructure of hardware and software. Data must be available at all times so that they can be processed and stored. Digital workflows must be user-friendly if users are to be able to work with them efficiently. Likewise, the understandable desire of employees to be able to work at any time and from anywhere requires the right servers, data storage and networks.

As the demands of employees, customers and the market grow, so do the demands on IT infrastructure. What was considered state of the art ten years ago is now lagging behind in technological terms. Many companies, organisations and authorities are wondering how they can keep their IT infrastructure up to date. The solution? They let TA Triumph-Adler look after it for them.
Outsourcing standard tasks
We can take on time-consuming standard tasks that contribute little to value creation. This includes, for example, running and monitoring the entire IT infrastructure or just providing and managing the IT hardware or the company servers. Whether it is about:
  • Relieving an overloaded in-house IT department,
  • Compensating for limited human resources due to a shortage of skilled employees,
  • Upcoming investments in IT or
  • Increased requirements of IT security
TA Triumph-Adler can take the pressure off. The IT infrastructure can quickly be upgraded to react better to market demands or customer requirements - and the in-house IT department can focus on its core activities.
Setting up digital workplaces
TA Triumph-Adler can spruce up your IT infrastructure. We offer an all-inclusive one-stop solution. To do this, we take a holistic approach. What is the ideal IT infrastructure for your company? How powerful are the servers? Are backups made regularly enough? We ask ourselves dozens of such questions to ensure that you can always count on having the right IT infrastructure.

We look not only at the big picture, but also at the needs of all of a company's employees. We can set up digital workplaces for them - for the office, for home working and even for when they are on the move. We make sure that software and devices are networked and run smoothly. Then we go one step further, because every employee needs the right equipment. Sometimes a laptop and smartphone are all that is needed to work efficiently on the move. Sales representatives often need extra options for online meetings and a central back-up system for synchronising information and data, and perhaps even digital time recording.
A one-stop solution
In our digital age, speed and agility are crucial factors for success. That's why we work with you to find out which IT infrastructure best suits your needs. The solutions then come from a single source - TA Triumph-Adler.

You are free to decide whether you also want TA Triumph-Adler to install, configure or monitor your IT infrastructure. One option is to hand over responsibility entirely. We would then be talking about managed services, whereby all or just parts of the IT system are managed by TA Triumph-Adler. This unburdens your in-house IT specialists in their day-to-day work and allows them to concentrate on their core tasks.
The benefits for you
  • More breathing space: your IT staff can focus on strategic tasks.
  • Reduced complexity: standardised digital workplaces allow for better workflows.
  • More up-to-date: your IT infrastructure is always state-of-the-art.
  • Fewer risks: the risk of a total breakdown or security incidents decreases significantly.
  • Streamlined planning: you have fixed monthly costs that can be calculated on a long-term basis.
Managed Services from TA Triumph-Adler ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up to date.

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