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Digitales Archiv: Laptop, der an einem Bücherstapel lehnt

Digital archiving services

Digitising documents or entire archives is as time-consuming as it is exacting. So much the better if this task can be done quickly, reliably and securely. Working together with our partner Lager 3000, we take care of the entire process for you, from collecting the paper files to making the digital file available on your computer.
We collect files or complete archives from you using Lager 3000's forwarding service and prepare them for digitisation. After scanning and formatting, they can be accessed through your document management system. What happens next is up to you - the files can:
  • Still be stored as paper files, or
  • Exist purely as a digital archive.
In the latter case, the paper documents are destroyed after digitisation.
Double and triple secured archive
Your documents and files are fully protected as they are stored in monitored, watertight and fireproof special containers. There's extra protection for your data media too, as the backups are stored in safes.

The particular highlight of the outsourced archive is the “scan on demand" service, which enables companies to outsource their entire paper archives without digitising a single document. If a paper file is then needed in digital form, it is immediately scanned in the archive by staff at Lager 3000 and forwarded electronically. Searching for the paper file takes only a few minutes, as all incoming documents are organised and stored according to a set system.

This system also helps when a paper file is actually needed - the document will be in the post by the following day at the latest - including tracking.
The benefits for you
  • Reliable partner: Lager 3000 has been working for well-known corporations and the public sector since 1999.
  • Individual consulting: expert advice on every aspect of storage, digitisation and formatting of your file collections
  • Closed logistics chain: complete documentation, consistent labelling and shipment in special containers
  • Highest security standards: certified with all current accreditations (e.g. ISO, GxP, VDS) and stored in specially monitored containers.
  • Storage on demand: original documents are stored extremely securely and can be accessed at any time.
  • Secure document destruction: in our own shredding facility in compliance with DIN 66399 and with subsequent recycling
Anyone who wants to get rid of paper completely can use TA Triumph-Adler's automated mail processing system. All incoming postal mail is digitised and sent to you by means of an encrypted data export. The recorded mail is kept and stored securely, both physically and digitally, until it is to be destroyed.

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