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Softwarelösungen: Grafik einer Hand, die ein Puzzlestück einfügt


Holding on to paper costs time and money. Employees spend up to two hours a day searching for and filing documents, wasting valuable working time. The alternative comes in the form of document management systems. They handle the digital capture, management, storage and provision of documents. The digital workflows monitor the documents as they pass through all the stages. Where the document is at any given moment and what the next step should be is clear at all times. These systems are available off the shelf or made-to-measure. While workflows are standardised in DMS solutions, they are individually tailored in ECM systems.

DMS solutions

Those who switch from paper to digital documents with a document management system are rewarded with transparency, clarity and audit-compliant archiving. There are also workflows for getting started with digital processes.

ECM systems

ECM systems perform the same function as DMS solutions: they capture, manage and store documents. To do this, customised workflows are defined that route digital documents through the system almost entirely automatically.