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Data security services

Today's digital transformation brings with it new challenges for data security. Systems must be protected against cyber attacks, and the government is also urging this with more stringent regulations. Many managers in companies and public authorities are right to ask themselves whether their structures, processes, technologies and services are up to date. They also need to know whether they are aware of all their vulnerabilities. The BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) warns that too little attention is being paid to the security of multifunction printers. “These devices are increasingly offering services that allow access over the network.” This increases the danger of cyber attacks. There is something that can be done about this: TA Triumph-Adler supports all of its customers by providing holistic advice, services, hardware and software to enhance their information and data security.

Whether it's a multifunction printer (MFP), printer, copier or fax machine, every TA Triumph-Adler system contributes to making information flows more secure and closing process gaps with far-reaching and innovative security features. The user's security settings in the network are actively supported and the requirement for handling sensitive data and passwords responsibly is fulfilled in the best possible way.

Risk identified, risk averted

At TA Triumph-Adler, we are familiar with potential vulnerabilities. An example: original documents are temporarily stored as electronic data on a hard disk or in volatile memory during copying and scanning, from where they are not immediately deleted. All access must be thwarted here, just as when retrieving archived and temporarily stored print data (for example in a document box on the hard disk). Data should not only be deleted but permanently overwritten in order to prevent any access.

If TA Triumph-Adler's aQrate solution is used, users must verify their identity on the multifunction printer: This not only increases convenience thanks to a customised display, but above all improves security. Jobs are only forwarded once users have verified their identity at the MFP via PIN, code card or user name and password. This means that printouts cannot fall into the wrong hands, and all data can be processed in encrypted form.

The security settings at TA Triumph-Adler are applied on two levels: at the higher network level and directly on the office printer itself. This allows the maximum possible safety requirements to be defined depending on how the system functions. Our optional Data Security Kits, which comply with the Common Criteria security standard (ISO 15408 EAL2), can help with this.

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