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Carbon-neutral printing: our project in Maharashtra

Village life in the Indian state of Maharashtra is very different from the bustling chaos of its capital Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay. Market day is often the highlight of the week, but in Kukudwad, Pukalewadi, Pachwad, Hiwarwadi and Vikhale it has competition. The five villages not far from the town of Satara will in future be supplied with clean electricity derived from wind turbines. A total of 33 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 1.5 megawatts, will be erected, generating around 77,500 megawatt hours of renewable energy each year. That is enough to supply almost 100,000 people with clean electricity. At the same time, this will protect the forests that are currently being cut down to provide firewood and charcoal.

“In addition to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the climate protection project is helping to boost economic and social development in the region,” reports ClimatePartner, the organiser of the climate protection project in which TA Triumph-Adler is involved. Expanding our use of renewable energy sources is essential if we are to halt global warming and guarantee energy security in the long term. The project in Maharashtra will save around 73,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per annum.
Carbon-neutral printing - and making a difference 
TA Triumph-Adler customers can easily get involved in climate protection projects such as this one that we will present here as an example - just let us know! We take care of the next steps. We calculate the CO2 emissions and convert them into euros and cents. We pass this sum on to our cooperation partner ClimatePartner so that it is donated to the project you have selected.

We will issue a certificate to prove how serious you are about carbon-neutral printing. The carbon-neutral certificate and label from ClimatePartner proves and also demonstrates to the outside world that the printing systems - and everything around them, as the case may be - operate in a carbon-neutral way.