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Planting trees, protecting forests

The German forest is being overwhelmed by climate change. It is affected just as much by the hot summers as by autumn storms and bark beetle infestations. Now, our past reliance on fast-growing spruce trees is coming back to haunt us. Vulnerable forest plantations with trees arranged in rows have replaced the more resilient mixed forests. Now is the time to act against this.
Germany and Brazil: two-fold aid
TA Triumph-Adler is supporting the regeneration of Germany's forests, albeit via an indirect route, as this commitment cannot formally be considered a climate protection project. Our cooperation partner ClimatePartner has found a way out. If you want to get involved in the restoration of German forests, you can protect forests in Brazil at the same time. There is a unique ecosystem at the mouth of the Amazon, where the island of Marajó is criss-crossed by waterways and the landscape is dominated by small farmers. As a transport route, the Amazon favours agriculture and cattle breeding to the detriment of forested areas.

The Ecomapuá project protects 90,000 hectares of forest and prohibits commercial logging. The project creates an income for 94 families and therefore more than 300 people who can work in tree nurseries, for example, or trade in açaí fruits. 
Show your commitment and plant your own tree!
Ecomapuá is an officially accredited climate protection project that saves 145,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. Together with ClimatePartner, we plant a new tree in German forests for every tonne of offset CO2. This amounts to 145,000 trees each year.

What’s more, you can do the planting, too! You can plant trees yourself with your employees and take part in our regular participatory projects. You can find out more here.