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Conserving resources

We pack our products in “smart” boxes, avoiding materials such as polystyrene and other fillers. We only use recyclable materials such as transport pallets, which are mostly made of cardboard. Our service providers take all transportation packaging straight back with them and deliver it to recycling companies.
Consumption management
Our systems can handle all normal and recycled types of paper that comply with the quality standard DIN 12281, called "Paper for copying purposes". The majority of them allow customers to use both sides of the paper, which is an effective contribution to protecting the environment.

Our IOM (Intelligent Order Management) offers customers needs-based and fully automated delivery of consumables. Repeat orders are placed with pinpoint accuracy, which minimises the logistical effort involved and is also good for the environment.

When it comes to toners, the packaging can pack it in - we only replace the toner cartridge and thereby save packaging, reduce waste and conserve resources.
Longevity conserves resources
We relate our environmental philosophy to the entire life cycle of our products. Thanks to our patented ceramic drum technology, our systems are extremely durable - this avoids the need for frequent new purchases and consequently reduces the consumption of resources in production.
Using toner efficiently
Some of our printers are equipped with a useful feature that prevents customers from accidentally replacing toner cartridges that are not completely empty. This saves resources and unnecessary transportation for new cartridges.