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MDS-Analyse: Nahaufnahme des befüllens eines Konzeptes

MDS analysis

There are reasons why the number of printers in offices is skyrocketing, but that does not mean we have to accept such an abundance of them. Things can be better. A well thought-out concept for your printer fleet saves hassle and costs. An MDS analysis will pave the way for this as it helps you cut through the clutter, install a coherent system and increase the efficiency of your printer fleet. At the same time, you will facilitate workflows to drive forward the digital transformation of your company.

TA Triumph-Adler makes use of its extensive expertise derived from performing around 300 analyses each year - free of charge, by the way! - to carry out each MDS analysis.   The is a customised solution concept that provides more transparency and efficiency, and saves time and money. If you want to find out more, our white paper “MDS Analysis: Entering the digital future with a streamlined printer fleet“ is available to Download here.

Your 3 key benefits

  • Less time and effort spent on maintaining and supplying your office printers
  • More transparency in your workflows
  • You benefit from reduced use of resources and lower costs

MDS analysis: the path to more efficiency

Our structured MDS analysis offers you a detailed record of the current state of your document, information and IT processes. At the same time, your printing systems and their functionalities are examined. For this purpose, an analysis agreement is concluded in advance, in which the basic principles and requirements are laid down with a detailed checklist including a time schedule. The proposals for process and system optimisation based on this are always individually tailored.

MDS: between analysis and project launch

If we have been able to convince you of our approach based on the results of the MDS analysis, we will begin with the process and system optimisation. Together we will determine the ideal solution for you, consisting of hardware, software and service components. You can rely on our powerful pre-installation and logistics processes. If required, we can also provide training for staff to ensure that the transition to the new system goes smoothly.

Getting on board with digital processes

Switching from analogue to digital processes increases transparency and efficiency and makes for more convenient workflows. This is why MDS analysis focuses on the workflows: how are documents recorded, managed, edited, stored and archived? Experience shows that the more analogue the process, the more complex it is. Something can be done about this. Digital processes replace searching with finding. These digital processes are made possible by document management systems, DMS for short, with largely standardised workflows, or ECM systems with itemised workflows. Both solutions handle digital recording, management, storage, preservation and retrieval of documents. They provide an overview of all documents and their current status.

Arrange an appointment for a consultation today to talk to us about your journey from MDS analysis to full system optimisation.

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