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Fax solutions

Even in the digital age, faxes remain indispensable when it comes to contracts and legal issues. Many organisations still find it essential to use the fax channel, especially when sending sensitive data or because of the need for confirmation of receipt. The challenge today is to send faxes via digital networks - and to do so with as little technical outlay as possible.

There is no need for fax machines to do this: the multifunction printer takes on this role instead. These MFPs have little in common with their predecessors, the office printers. They can still print and copy, but it is their extra features that make them indispensable in today's office. Faxing is one of the jobs MFPs readily take on these days. There is no need for costly installations or complex interventions in the IT infrastructure – simply connect the separate IPTAM box to the network for the TA fax server - and that's it!

How to turn an MFP into a fax server

One of the multifunction printers in the MFP network is set as the control unit - the "master". The other MFPs also forward fax jobs to the destination address from here - the other MFPs can also send faxes. They convert emails automatically into fax format before the document is sent.

SmartFax, on the other hand, allows a HyPAS™ MFP to be connected to an existing corporate fax server.

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