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Printing in the office? Rent!

If you want to use the latest office technology for printing, faxing, copying and scanning, you go for an MFP. But why buy when you can rent? It's smarter - and cheaper.

Office processes become more digital - and so do printers. They are developing into multifunction printers, MFPs for short, which also do copying and faxing. Even more: by scanning, MFPs are becoming a bridge between analogue and digital processes. Their capabilities are constantly evolving. Those who want to be technologically up to date realise: renting is smarter - and cheaper - than buying.

The MDS rental contract from TA Triumph-Adler combines rental and service. Whatever service is required is simply included in the contract. If you want to add machines or services during the rental period (24 to 72 months) or use the multifunction printer as an enabler of digital processes with our software, this is possible at any time without any problems. Which is clear anyway: we provide you with supplies of consumables such as paper or toner cartridges and are available with our teams for maintenance - and of course for your questions at any time.
To rent or to lease? Or do you want to buy?
We usually speak of printer leasing when office printers are rented. The only difference between these two is the legal details. If desired, TA Triumph-Adler can of course also lease MFPs and office printers. But to be honest: Lease contracts are less complex - otherwise everything is the same.

Some customers decide to buy our multifunction printers. No problem! Before doing so, we remind all interested parties of four reasons that speak for renting:
  • The tax: the monthly instalments are tax deductible as business expenses.
  • The balance sheet: rental properties do not appear on the balance sheet, the instalments are booked as business expenses.
  • The security: The monthly costs are agreed at the beginning and apply for the entire term.
  • The liquidity: Since no money has to be raised for the purchase of MFPs, there is greater financial flexibility.
TA Cockpit® takes care of monitoring
Many of our customers have several MFPs in operation. TA Cockpit® takes over the monitoring of this printer fleet as an electronic control centre. It recognises when consumables are running low and orders supplies in good time: the shelf with the toner cartridges is never empty. In case of a technical problem, we already know the error message when we come by for repair or maintenance.

The TA Cockpit® software can allocate the costs for printing and copying individually for each device - even if it is located in the home office. If there is a paper jam somewhere: TA Cockpit® reports it immediately.  
Optimal printer fleet - with MDS analysis
There is another approach that our customers use to reduce their printing and printer costs: the MDS analysis. It often turns out that the existing printer fleet is not optimally tailored to current needs. Some multifunction printers are overloaded, others under-utilised. Important key figures such as utilisation, usage behaviour, print volume or areas of application are unknown. This is what the MDS analysis changes. The procedure: Our experts analyse the existing printer fleet. In parallel, we examine how many printing systems with which functions are actually needed. Then a concept for the optimised equipment fleet is fine-tuned, approved and implemented: for more transparency and efficiency, for time and cost savings.

If you want to learn more about the MDS analysis: The process and benefits are described in the TA whitepaper "MDS analysis: into the digital future with an optimised printer fleet".
New rental contract, new MFPs
As soon as you renew your rental contract, we will supply you with new multifunction printers featuring the latest technologies. We refurbish the devices you have been using up to now and then they can be used again - for example on construction sites, where short-term rental contracts are also possible.

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