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Warning: Fake e-mails in circulation – fraudsters pretending to be TA Triumph-Adler employees

Important information for customers: 

(as at: 01/29/2024)

We are currently receiving sporadic reports of fraudsters pretending to be TA Triumph-Adler employees in e-mails. For example, the sender pretends to be an "accounting clerk" and draws attention to an alleged change in the company's bank account. In the course of the message, the recipients are asked to use a new account number for future payments, which is stated in the fake e-mail. 

Statement from TA Triumph-Adler:

TA Triumph-Adler does not send e-mails to its customers in which the company asks them to use a new account number for payments. Payment details of existing customers are recorded by contract and possible changes are not made ad-hoc by e-mail, but only in a personal exchange with the respective known account manager or sales contact. In addition, the account number for customers can always be viewed via the respective invoice.

The e-mails outlined are fraudulent phishing e-mails that do not originate from TA Triumph-Adler. Please delete such e-mails immediately if you receive messages like this. If you are a TA Triumph-Adler customer, do not change existing payment details.

If you have any questions or uncertainties on this subject, please get in touch with your personal contact at TA Triumph-Adler directly. 

Possible indications of fraudulent e-mails: 

  • The form of address is often impersonal (e.g. "Dear Sir or Madam..." or "Dear Customer...") 
  • The sender's e-mail address does not come from TA Triumph-Adler (our official domain is:
  • Request to update bank account details (by e-mail) – unannounced and from an unknown person 
Detailed information on how to recognize phishing e-mails can be found, for example, on this BSI website.