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Unsere Production Printing Maschine bei Druckerei Reichert

Druckerei Reichert

Why did Druckerei Reichert settle on the TA Pro 15050c from TA Triumph-Adler? No paper is too thick or too thin for the inkjet printing system when it comes to personalised serial letters, invoices or direct marketing. It cuts out a time-consuming stage in the process - and therefore reduces costs.

The solution

The printing and publishing company Druckerei und Verlag Markus Reichert had high expectations of its new inkjet printing system. It wanted all the materials to be used by the company to be printed cost-effectively, efficiently and to a high standard of quality. That included grades of paper between 60 and 350 grams, chipboard and envelopes in various formats. A number of machines were tested. “Aside from the TA Pro 15050c from TA Triumph-Adler, none of the other machines were able to print on all the materials and in consistently impressive quality,” says Erich Czermin, Head of Digital Printing at Reichert. The print volume was also convincing, with the system being capable of up to 9,000 pages per hour, or 150 pages per minute. Despite the speed, the machine does not run out of paper quickly, given that up to four large trays can hold a total of 14,100 sheets. In the end, choosing the TA Pro 15050c was an easy decision.

Cost pressure, speed and quality requirements are high in the printing and publishing industry. Inkjet printing systems that can produce personalised bulk mail quickly and in high quality are increasingly in demand. This holds true for Druckerei Reichert as well. The Aschaffenburg-based company has been offering its customers a one-stop service since 1968 - from pre-press to digital and offset printing to high-quality finishing of publications.

Fast, flexible, affordable

The TA Pro 15050c has been in operation in Großostheim near Aschaffenburg since December 2019 and there is a high degree of satisfaction with its performance. “We complete our orders much more quickly and cost-effectively,” says Czermin. “We used to pre-print stationery with personalisation offset and then apply the personalisation afterwards. Now we do it in one step and take one to three days less time to complete orders while maintaining extremely high quality.” What's more, the innovative printer can print in black and white or in colour and maintain a very high standard of quality. “Another advantage of the printer is that the paper lies flat in the delivery, making finishing very easy,” explains Czermin.

Maintenance via augmented reality glasses

The TA Pro 15050c features a new service solution: remote maintenance via augmented reality glasses. In practical terms, this means that if help is needed with operating the printer, a TA technician is contacted through the glasses and provides support using visual and verbal instructions in real time. “For us, this is a great added value. We can benefit from TA service around the clock without a technician having to travel out to us,” explains Czermin. “Small operating errors can be corrected very quickly, reducing machine downtime and increasing productivity in turn.”

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